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Who We Are

gfw logoIn their natural state Appalachian forests are some of the richest in the world.Their beauty and diversity of plants and animals is unparalleled.   More than simply beautiful, these forests are important and useful to the people of Appalachia.  A functioning forest provides short and long term economic benefits from timber, recreation, and food production.  Where forests are intact they provide environmental benefits that make those areas healthier and safer places to live, protecting residents from poor water quality, flash flooding and cleaning the air for everyone.  Unfortunately, a great deal of the native forest has been removed.

While fueling the energy needs of the nation, the practice of surface mining has removed over a million acres of native forests.  The removal of forests has serious negative impacts on the quality of life and health of the area.  Green Forests Work (GFW) has the expertise and ability to restore this vital resource to Appalachia, with your help.  GFW exists to re-establish healthy and productive forests on formerly mined lands in Appalachia.  Reforestation is an investment in a region that has invested so much into the economic expansion of country.  It is a necessary and cost effective investment that benefits Appalachia and beyond. 


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